Claim for FREE keyword and market it online using your website or social media and in-store print materials, like this simple tent card.

Use unique keywords to track the effectiveness of your other forms of marketing and to target specific customers.

Seamlessly grow your customer database, to which you can market through our FREE texting program!


  • “Digital Punch Card” Loyalty Rewards - no more paper punch cards, which are very susceptible to fraud!

  • Customers grow spending & frequency, by checking in at the kiosk, moving one step closer to earning a reward

  • Self-serve, in-store, tamper-proof kiosk maximizes program adoption rate & makes sign-up super easy!

  • Fast Install - Kiosks are 4G/LTE enabled…plug it in and start building loyalty

  • Simple, 20-second user sign-up with just first name and mobile number

  • Double opt-in requires “Yes” reply to enter program & receive welcome offer

  • No punchcards. No swipecards. No apps to download.

  • Event kiosk gathers more subscribers at your next event…completely mobile!

  • Custom kiosk skins for consistent branding. Your logo, colors & images!

  • Online landing pages and supporting marketing & training materials can be customized to corporate guidelines to ensure consistent brand messages.



Promote Special Offers

Promote Events such as Trivia Nights

Target Slow or Poor-Weather Days

Drive Customers to Social Media

Increase Downloads of your Mobile Apps

Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries

Build Your Email Database

Auto-Responders react to subscribers in a unique manner, based on user habit triggers and customized text cycles. See these Sample Messages:

“Keyword Polls”

  • Gain valuable insight on customer opinions & gain more subscribers:  i.e., “What new item would you most like to see added to the menu?”

“Text Clubs”

  • Subscribers join exclusive clubs for exclusive offers. Segment subscribers into special categories in order to better engage them to their unique needs.

“We Miss You”

  • If customer hasn’t checked in for a pre-determined amount of days, they automatically receive a personalized “We Miss You” text with an offer that expires in 7 days to drive traffic with a high sense of urgency

“Text to Win”

  • Create and manage sweepstakes; notify winners via text message


  • Gather birthdays and send surprise specials…automated!


  • Reward extra loyal customers on anniversary of their 1st check-in.


  • Make up your own personal message for any reason.

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