98% text message open rate is 5x that of emails

90% of texts are opened within 5 minutes

30% of text message links get clicked through



Return on Investment


  • Powerful text marketing gets more likes & follows on Social Media channels

  • Online dashboard with real time analytics to gauge effectiveness at all levels

  • Create custom reports from online dashboard or have them emailed to you

  • View subscriber activity live as database grows & they interact with program

  • Drive revenue on slow or bad-weather days

  • Marketing Automation saves you time and keeps customers engaged!

  • HR links can be used to simplify the giving & taking of job applications

  • Built-in fraud protection for maximum security

  • Tools monitor all CTIA and TCPA Policies to ensure 100% compliance

FREE Customer Engagement Platform

  • No Contracts. No commitment. No risk.

  • Build a large database of customers who love you!

  • Customers sign-up with a custom keyword. Advertise in your shop & online for more subscribers!

  • Customized online sign-up is also available, branded to your company’s standards

  • Software asks for more info over time, creating better customer data profiles

  • System integrates SMS/MMS texting, our own email platform & Social Media

  • Trackable mini-urls drive traffic to your website or social media

  • Map Linking shows customers the closest location & directions via text offer

  • Custom textALERTS based on location, keyword responses, time frames, etc.

  • Send videos, pictures or audio files straight to your subscribers

  • Send barcode images for customers to scan as redeemable mobile coupons

Why Castle Ridge?

You spend a lot of money on acquiring new business, but what are you doing to automatically engage new customers into loyal, repeat customers? Increase your traffic by thousands of visits a year by automating your digital marketing & communication relationships.


It is much less expensive to retain current customers than to acquire new ones. Our platform makes it super easy to keep your existing customers. Multi-level auto-responders target lapsed customers and entice them back with increasingly better offers that expire within certain time frames of getting the text. Automatically drive back up to 25% of your lapsed customers.

Customer engagement doesn't have to be complicated. Castle Ridge connects you with a platform that engages your customers on several different layers, to ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your business. 


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